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Tormek HTK-706 Hand Tool Kit

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With the six jigs in this kit, you´ll be able to shape and sharpen all your knives, scissors, shears, draw knives and axes, as well as short chisels and carving tools. Each jig perfectly replicates the edge angle so you can sharpen faster than ever. The jigs in this kit work with Tormek Sharpening Systems (sold separately). The Knife Jig (SVM-45) works to sharpen most knives, including carver´s draw knives. Long knives need to be stiff, and the minimum blade length is 2-3/8´´ (60mm) The Long Knife Jig (SVM-140) is suitable for long and flexible knives. The jig´s 5-1/2´´ (140mm) width stabilizes a thin blade. Requires minimum blade length of 6-5/16´´ (160mm) The Scissors Jig (SVX-150) is for scissors of all sizes as well as shears. It is also suitable for portable electric hand planer blades The Short Tool Jig (SVS-32) is for straight-shanked carving gouges and V-tools down to 1-3/4´´ (45mm) long. It also sharpens short wood chisels and tools for power carvers. Maximum tool width is 1-1/4´´ (32mm) The Axe Jig (SVA-170) sharpens carving and carpenter´s axes. It accommodates a maximum axe height of 6-11/16´´ (170mm), and copes with both straight and curved edges The Small Knife Holder (SVM-00) enables you to sharpen the smallest knife blades like carving knives and pocket knives. Works in conjunction with the SVM-45 Knife Jig

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