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Trim Clip Miter Clip

SKU: 44355 ID: 500791475 UPC: 851976003027

Clamping miters couldn´t get much easier than with the Miter Clip. Just position the Miter Clip and squeeze-the reverse cam mechanism applies pressure and holds the miter clamp firmly shut, while the notch keeps the tips of the miters neatly aligned. Once clamped, you can also rotate the clamp handle up and out of the way, providing access so you can nail the miter and move on to the next corner. The metal spurs hold the wood firmly and allow the clamp to be rotated, while leaving minimal marks. Made in the USA.Features:Features patented I-beam construction and reverse cam actionProvides even pressure on the joint and is capable of large miter applicationsStays open effortlessly, stays closed once clampedDurable polycarbonate and metal construction

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