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Triton 3-1/4 HP Dual-Mode Plunge Router

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Triton 3-1/4 HP Dual-Mode Plunge Router With its awesome power and suite of unique, user-friendly adjustments, the Triton TRA001 Dual-Mode Plunge Router more than deserves the praise it´s been getting. Depth adjustments are a breeze with the unique "ewinder handle"e - just squeeze the router´s handle and turn to raise or lower, then use the micro-adjustment knob to dial in the final setting. You can also turn a dial to use the standard free-plunge adjustment. A turret system allows you to dial in two preset settings. Soft-start variable speed motor provides smooth, even power regardless of load. Bit changes are easy, one-wrench affairs - the spindle lock automatically engages when the spindle is extended past the faceplate - no more skinned knuckles juggling two wrenches inside the base. Whether in fixed mode or plunge mode, table-mounted or freehand, the Triton Dual-Mode Plunge Router will be a pleasure to use. It even includes a multi-function fence that serves as an edge guide, a circle cutter, and an oversized base.Features: Fully enclosed plastic shielding provides maximum protection from chips, and aids in dust collection. Automatic spindle lock only engages when power switch safety cover is closed. Multi-function fence mounts easily with quick-fit pins. Side-mounted cooling vents keep sawdust away from motor housing when router is mounted in a router table. Removable height-winder handle allows above table depth adjustments. Removable plunge tension spring makes bit adjustments easy when the Triton TRA001 is table mounted. Worn brushes are easily accessible. Single spanner ´above table´ router bits changes. Soft Start & Variable Speed controls provide the ideal speed for all cutter types and therefor a superior cut.

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