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Triton T12FL Swivel-Head LED Light

Triton T12FL Swivel-Head LED Light The Triton T12FL works great as a handheld flashlight, or can stand on its own to free up your hands while you work in a dark space. The 135° swiveling head lets you direct the light up, to either side, or at any angle in between. Compact and lightweight, and measuringjust under 9´´ long, it makes a very robust go-anywhere work light. Once the battery (sold separately) is installed, it provides exceptionally long runtime: more than 10 hours with the T12B 1.5Ah battery and more than 20hrs with the T12HCB 3.0Ah battery. The T12 Li-Ion battery packs have very low self-discharge rates, which means the lamp will be ready for use even months after the battery was charged.

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