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Rockler Triton TCMPL 2-3/8´´ Compact Palm Planer

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Triton TCMPL 2-3/8´´ Compact Palm Planer

SKU: 55305 ID: 572641056 UPC: 885973003216

Traditional cabinetmakers and carpenters often reached for their trusty one-handed block planes for lighter duty tasks, and for good reason, too. Why wrestle with a heavy full-size planer when all you need is to chamfer a corner or dress the edge of a board that´s already straight? That´s the strength of Triton´s TCMPL Compact Palm Planer, a tough little planer that´s light and easy to handle. Its slim handle design with rubber over-molded grip means that it´s easy to hold and control using just one hand. The 2-3/8´´ planing width and 0–1.5mm (about 1/16´´) adjustable planing depth is ideal for fast material removal on small to medium sized workpieces. A power lock-off switch prevents accidental operation.Features: Stepped depth control allows accurate cutting depth from 0-1.5mm 3 beveling grooves front shoe increases range of edge beveling depths Power lock-off prevents accidental operation Slim handle design is easy to hold and control using one hand Rubber over-moulded grip increases control and safety Adjustable dust extraction allows chips to be directed away from the workpiece Parking stand protects the blades and workpiece from damage on rundown

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