Rockler Triton TDJ600 Doweling Joiner

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Triton TDJ600 Doweling Joiner

SKU: 53248 ID: 618473822 UPC: 885973003117

Join frames, furniture parts and shelving components quickly and accurately with Triton´s innovative double-dowel drilling machine. With its adjustable fence and rack and pinion height adjustment, it´s easy to center the holes for any given material thickness and to set up the machine for joining beveled edges. Its powerful710W motor bores quickly, without bogging down, and the all-metal gearing mechanism ensures a long life. Drilling depth is adjustable for various stock widths. Includes two 8mm (5/16´´) diameter drill bits (compatible with 5/16´´ dowels, #36204, sold separately).Features: Drills two holes at once for fast, accurate dowel joinery Precision rack and pinion system lets you easily center the dowel holes for any given material thickness Drill depth is adjustable to meet the requirements of any joint 0-90° fence adjustment for a wide range of reliable and accurate angled joints Jig teeth for exact drilling of repetitive holes at pre-set sizes Clear, calibrated viewer enables precise set-up and drilling Front bail handle for enhanced control Dust port allows connection to an extraction system Insulated handle with hex key storage Trigger on/off switch is positioned for easy access

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