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Triton TRPUL 3-1/4´´ Unlimited Rebate Planer

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Triton TRPUL 3-1/4´´ Unlimited Rebate Planer With a blade that runs the full length of the bed, Triton´s TRPUL Unlimited Rebate Planer can cut rabbets as deep as your heart desires, and also works great as a standard surface planer as well. It can hog off up to 1/8´´ in a single pass, and features a 17-position depth control for fast, precise adjustment of the amount of material you want to remove. Simply repeat the passes until you reach the desired depth. The adjustable auxiliary handle adds comfort, while the integral parking stand prevents damage to the blade when you set the planer down. The blade drum can even be removed and replaced with the included sanding drum to allow easy sanding of the bottoms of your rabbets. Left or right rear dust extraction. Features: Variable speed control adjusts the drum speed to suit the material.3-blade drum provides a higher rate of material removal (46,500 cuts per minute).Bail handle for improved ergonomics and increased control.Left or right rear dust extraction allows the dust/chips to be directed to either side of the workpiece.Drum guard protects against exposed blades when rebating.Spindle lock button for easy drum changes.Parking stand protects the blades and workpiece from damage on run down.Power-on neon light increases operator safety.Cutting capacities: width 3-1/4´´, depth 1/8´´.

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