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Tungsten Carbide Cutters for Robert Sorby TurnMaster System

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Tungsten Carbide Cutters for Robert Sorby TurnMaster System Designed specifically to fit the Robert Sorby TurnMaster system, these carbide cutters offer excellent durability and all-around turning performance. The cutters are disposable, which eliminates the time and expense of sharpening. Available in three profiles: round, square and detail point (diamond). The same cutters are also available in HSS and Titanium-Nitride coated HSS (e.g. 49956 and 45438, sold separately). See the "More Info" tab for more on the different cutter materials.Technical Details:Solid tungsten carbide for an incredibly long cutting life.Cutters can easily be swapped by removing the high tensile torx screw on the TurnMaster shank.be easily removed to change the cutter.vRound Carbide Cutter is 9/16" in diameter, and is ideal for waste removal and shaping of concave surfaces.Square Carbide Cutter measures 9/16" x 9/16", and is ideal for waste removal and shaping of flat and convex surfaces.Detail Point Carbide Cutter measures 1/2"W x 1-3/32"L, and is used for parting and line detailing.Which cutter material should I use?Cutters for the Robert Sorby TurnMaster are available in Tungsten Carbide, High Speed Steel (HSS) and HSS coated with Titanium Nitride ("Excelsior").Tungsten Carbide:Designed to be disposable, these carbide cutters don´t require any sharpening. (Carbide tips can be sharpened, but require specialized diamond abrasives).Carbide stays reasonably sharp for a longer period of time, but because of its coarse grain, can never be sharpened as finely as HSS.Gives extended cutting life with the toughest of woods.Sharpens to 0.7 - 1 microns.Hardness: 90 RC.Material: micro grade tungsten carbide.High Speed Steel (HSS):Due to its finer grain structure, HSS holds a sharper edge than carbide, but will dull more quickly.Very economical - can be re-sharpened multiple times with standard sharpening equipment.Provides unmatched quality for the discerning woodturner keen on getting the greatest detail from their tools.Sharpens to 0.2 - 0.4 microns.Hardness : 62 RC.Material: M2 HSS.Titanium Nitride-Coated HSS (Excelsior):These cutters provide the same advantages as HSS but give added longevity before sharpening is required.No specialized equipment is required for sharpening.Repeated sharpening does not remove the titanium nitride coating, it simply renews it.Sharpens to 0.15 - 0.2 microns.Hardness of titanium coating is up to 85 RC.Material: Titanium nitride coated M2 HSS.

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