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Turning Toys with Richard Raffan, DVD

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There´s something about toys that brings out the inner child in all of us. With that said, be forewarned that with the eight fun-filled projects on this DVD, you just might find yourself spending more time than expected in the ´´product testing stage.´´ With straightforward visual step-by-step instructions, Richard Raffen, reknowned turner and teacher, shows you how to make a wheelie bug, a race car, wands, tops, and more. There are eight wooden toys in all, each one easy to make and sure to earn a smile from the young ones in your life. Be sure to also check out the companion book, Turning Toys with Richard Raffan (#55234, sold separately), which includes an expanded selection of toys. 160 minutes.This DVD includes sections on: Introduction Turning Tools Wand Spinning Top Balance Tray Bilboquet Goblet Wheely Bugs Snails Racing CarsAbout Richard Raffen:Richard Raffan is internationally acclaimed for both his turning and teaching. Well-known for his gallery-quality production work, he is the author of Turning Wood, Turning Boxes, Turning Bowls, The Art of Turned Bowls, and The Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning. He has also appeared in three feature-length instructional videos, including the best-selling Turning Wood with Richard Raffan.

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