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U-Bild Tree Seat Plan (911)

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U-Bild Tree Seat Plan (911) When it´s hot outside, everyone wants a seat in the shade. That´s why this tree seat has become a backyard classic. With 360° of shady bench, there´s simply no better way to take advantage of a cool spot under a tree, and enjoy the view from any angle. Enjoy all the benefits—and all the shade—of a classic tree seat at a fraction of the cost of a ready-made version. Designed to last for many years on a sturdy base of two-by-fours, the project utilizes all straight cuts and includes full-size patterns for the angles, making it great for beginners and advanced woodworkers alike. To further simplify construction, the tree seat is assembled in halves. Once the halves are completed, they´re positioned around the tree and fastened together with screws. Tree Seat stands about 36´´ tallDiameter is adjustable to fit around tree trunks that are 18´´, 24´´ or 36´´ wideDetailed step-by-step instructionsFull-size traceable patterns (where needed)In-progress photos and exploded diagramsComplete materials lists and cutting schedules

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