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Rockler Ultimate Miter Saw Stand - Downloadable Plan

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Ultimate Miter Saw Stand - Downloadable Plan

SKU: 10101-WJ156 ID: 551366922

For all sorts of cross- and angle-cutting tasks, a miter saw is a woodworker´s friend. But, to really maximize its potential, you need a good home base for your saw - and that´s what this project delivers. The stand is a full 8 ft. long, in order to provide generous support tables on either side of the saw. They´ll help you cut down long stock with ease. The support table fences are equipped with Kreg´s aluminum track system and flip stop, for setting up precise cutoff lengths or carrying out repetitive cutting jobs. You´ll also notice that the saw is mounted on a center platform that slides back and forth and locks in place. It enables you to mount a backup board directly to the saw´s metal fences for tearout free cutting, then align the saw flush with the project´s fixed fences. When you need to tilt the machine for bevel cuts, just pull the platform forward of the fences and tip the saw as usual. No versatility lost here.

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