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Uncle Bill´s Sliver Gripper Tweezers

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Uncle Bill´s Sliver Gripper Tweezers The fact that Uncle Bill´s Sliver Grippers are listed by the FDA as a surgical instrument says something about the quality of the tweezers. As always, though, the proof is in the pudding, or in this case the pulling. These tweezerswon´t leave you stuck. With their finely ground, hand-sharpened stainless steel tips, the Sliver Grippers are unrivaled at rooting out the tiniest of slivers, thorns,ticks and stingers. They´re also an excellent tackle box tool for untangling fishing lines, or for any other task requiring pin point precision. With their compact sizeand convenient tip clip, they´re easy to clip onto your keychain, or you can buy several pairs for your medicine chest, first aid kit and glove box.Features:Uncle Bill´s Sliver Grippers are made from high-quality American-made polished stainless steel.Single-piece spring tempered steel tweezers - no welds to fail.Wide hinge area ensures the tips will stay perfectly aligned.Tweezer points are hand dressed to precise specifications.Includes tip guard, which doubles as a holder for attachment to your keychain.Crafted with pride in the USA.

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