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Universal Tape Gauge The Universal Tape Gauge is a new and patented tool for use with any standard tape measure which provides highly accurate inside and outside measurements that can be accurate to 1/64" or better.The UTG eliminates the old and inaccurate method of bending the tape measure to take an inside measurement by use of a crosshair that is perfectly referenced at 5 inches to the rear stop, and at 1 inch to the forward stop. The Tape Gauge is ideal for applications such as the installation of crown moulding, baseboards, studs, fitting shelves, fitting windowsills and area calculations. Tape measure not included.Features:To take an inside measurement, add 5 inches to the reading from the crosshairTo take an outside measurement, subtract 1 inch from the reading from the crosshairTo precisely transfer an inside measurement to a work piece or sheet good to be cut, dial in the required inside measurement minus 1 inch and use the beveled forward stop to mark the cut line location

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