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Rockler V90 Safety Goggles with Detachable Face Shield

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V90 Safety Goggles with Detachable Face Shield

SKU: 43722 ID: 510416828 UPC: 761445001273

Strap on this safety goggle/face shield combo, and you´ll hardly blink when the dust and chips start to fly. Ideal for roughing out turning projects, routing dadoes and other big jobs that produce lots of shavings and dust. Monogoggle fits over prescription glasses, and features a tight seal around the eyes with indirect ventilation and anti-fog protection to help prevent fogging. When you only need the eye protection, the face shield can be easily detached from the goggles. The elastic strap on the goggles pairs well with earmuff-style hearing protection, since it lies flat, and won´t interfere with the seal.Features:Clear blue frame and shield, with clear lens. Anti-fog protection.Features the Monogoggle XTR with indirect ventilation and a polycarbonate shield for full face protection.Shield detaches from the goggle. Curved face shield conforms to shape of face, offering added side protection.Can be used over most prescription eyeglasses.

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