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VersaSpin™ 360 with Painters Pyramids and Grabbers

VersaSpin™ 360 with Painters Pyramids and Grabbers Elevate your woodworking project for better access to edges, then effortlessly rotate it while you finish it without leaving unsightly tip marks! The VersaSpin™ 360 with Painters Pyramids and Grabbers hold up to 100 lbs. (11"e holds 25 lbs.), making it easy to position your project just the way you need to in order to give it a perfect finish. Use the included Painters Pyramids and Grabbers with the turntable, or use them separately to create a stable surface that elevates your project while you apply a finish coat.VersaSpin 360°:Easily rotates for complete access to all sides of a projectGives you better access to edgesCan be expanded for larger or customized surfaces"ePop-out"e holes allow you to secure your project to the turntable for stabilityPainters Pyramids:New tabs allow you to nail or screw the pyramids to a fixed surfaceNew interlocking feature allows you to chain or nest the pyramids together, creating a firm foundation and more even distribution of weightLightweight and compact - perfect for jobsite useHoles allow easy gripCan be fastened to a sawhorse by passing a strap through the holesHoles makes a convenient parking space for small craft brushesNon-stick, non-reactive, non-marringImpermeable to paint and solventsGrabbers:They grip your project and keep it from moving while you work, even when sandingParticularly effective on slippery work surfaces

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