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Vibe 29 Earmuff Hearing Protectors

Vibe 29 Earmuff Hearing Protectors Boasting the highest noise reduction rating of our hearing protection lineup, the Vibe 29 dB noise reduction headphones make an excellent choice for most any work environment. They feature thickly-insulated ear cups with comfortable, ultra-soft seals, essential for maintaining noise reduction when the headphones are used with safety glasses. The padded, adjustable headband has firm detents, so unlike other headphones, you won´t have to constantly adjust it as you work. Easy on, easy off, and they hang neatly around your neck so you won´t lose them on the jobsite.Features:Innovative design with soft padded headband that adjusts to fit most head shapes and sizesDielectric, durable thermoplastic material retains shape and pressure for consistent noise reduction Ideal for use with heavy equipmentBlack colorNoise reduction rating of 29 decibels, when used as directedUse of safety glasses may reduce noise reduction rating

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