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WEST SYSTEM® Epoxy-Filler

SKU: GRP17645_3 ID: 524071763

Highly trusted by boat-builders, WEST SYSTEM Epoxy (sold separately) is ideal for use as an ultra-tough waterproof coating, a high-strength, gap-filling adhesive or an easily sanded surface filler. The Resin works in conjunction with a variety of WEST SYSTEM Hardeners (sold separately) and WEST SYSTEM Fillers for a wide range of applications.When WEST SYSTEM epoxy (sold separately) is combined with 404 High Density Filler (optimum strength) 407 Low Density Filler (optimum volume) or 406 Colloidal Silica Filler (optimum versatility), the epoxy will bridge large gaps and voids and can be easily sanded and shaped when cured. It has no strong solvent odor, making it far safer and more pleasant to work with.

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