Rockler Wood Identification & Use Revised and Expanded, Book

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Wood Identification & Use Revised and Expanded, Book

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Terry Porter´s unique and visually dazzling handbook has always been indispensable - and this new edition adds 17 species of lumber not included before, bringing the list up to a grand total of 400! Plus, there´s a new section displaying a variety of decorative figuring, information on wood defects and potential health hazards, and an enlarged glossary. Wonderful full-color pictures give close-up views of the various wood grains, while the main section showcases more than 200 woods used in cabinetmaking, joinery, carpentry, turning, carving, and a host of specialist applications, and another 200 receive shorter listings. Every featured wood is illustrated and described in detail, with invaluable facts on its working properties, seasoning requirements, durability, and typical uses.Features: Introduction What is wood? Forest types Seasoning and sawing Figure in wood Defects in wood Glossary of wood terminology Toxic woods Wood Directory Introductory note Woods listed alphabetically by botanical names Additional woods in brief About the author Acknowledgments Index of common names Index of botanical names

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