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Woodworker´s Guide to Joinery, Book

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Woodworker´s Guide to Joinery, Book The longevity of every project is determined by the strength of its joints. This book, part of the Back to Basics series, gives clear, detailed instructions on joinery fundamentals: miter, lap and groove, mortise and tenon, dovetail joints and more. Hundreds of full - color photographs and illustrations guide you through. Whether using hand tools or power tools, you´ll get plain-spoken advice on how to make your joinery stand the test of time. 192 pages.Table of Contents:Introduction with Lyle Kruger and Pat WarnerChapter 1: Joinery BasicsChapter 2: Butt JointsChapter 3: Miter JointsChapter 4: Lap and Groove JointsChapter 5: Mortise and Tenon JointsChapter 6: Dovetail and Box Joints

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