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Rockler Woodworker´s Journal - January/February 2016

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Woodworker´s Journal - January/February 2016

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The January/February 2016 edition of Woodworker´s Journal showcases projects ranging from a bookcase you can build in a weekend, to a work station for your garage, to a stunning Arts & Crafts style dresser. Plus, learn about turning pens, what it takes to get a glossy finish, and our turning expert´s opinion on how you can make money with your hobby. Greene and Greene Dresser: This show stopper conclusion to Chris Marshall´s bedroom set includes ebony accents, handmade pulls and "secret" drawers with self-closing slides. Weekend Bookcase: Need a bookcase and have a weekend free? This straightforward, classically styled bookcase will fill your need and you´ll also find skill-building tips on cutting dadoes and using a pocket-hole jig. Folding Work Station: If you´ve got limited room to work, this practical piece gives you workspace and storage (and still leaves room for your vehicle in the garage). Ralph Bagnall´s torsion box construction gives it a sturdy strength. Fun with Pen Turning: With the enormous amount of pen kits out there, there´s something for everyone. Ernie Conover talks you through turning a pen, plus some of the pen kit options available. Old-fashioned Music Box: Create your own musical mechanism in this piece designed by Sandor Nagyszalanczy and inspired by organ grinders from days of yore. Party Puzzle Tray: Perk up your next party with a Puzzle Tray: the pieces hold everyone´s food and drink. We created ours using a CNC router for the puzzle pieces, plus a laser engraver to add some embellishments.

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