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Woodworking Tape, 1"e x 50´

Woodworking Tape, 1&quote x 50´ Woodworking Tape is a thin double-sided tape with one permanent side and one reusable side. This allows you to use the tape over and over again with a single template to rout out multiple identical parts. Simply tear off as many pieces as you need (no scissors required) and adhere the permanent side to your template. The temporary side adheres to your workpiece, providing enough lateral strength to hold the parts together for routing, but still allowing you to easily separate them. Woodworking Tape leaves no residue on your workpiece, minimizing cleanup sanding. It´s also ideal for positioning drawer fronts temporarily before securing them with screws. With Woodworking Tape, the hassles of carpet tape are a thing of the past.Features:Use for templates, jigs, pattern routing and assemblyEasily tears by hand - no scissors requiredEasily repositioned; holds laterally but still allows parts to be separated with little effortLeaves little to no residueConvenient plastic liner makes the tape easy to applyNot for use on the lathe

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