Rockler Work Sharp® Guided Field Sharpener

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Work Sharp® Guided Field Sharpener

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The Work Sharp GFS 221 is truly the Swiss army knife of sharpeners - compact, effective and packed with features. Though designed primarily for field and forest, it´s just as at home in a kitchen drawer for sharpening chef´s knives, or in the shop for touching up bits and blades. It boasts a five-stage sharpening process: coarse and fine diamond stones, coarse and fine ceramic honing rods,and a leather strop infused with micro-abrasive. Integral sharpening and honing guides ensure consistent, repeatable bevel angles. The diamond plates areremovable, and fit nicely between the teeth of a saw blade. Once removed, they also reveal a hidden compartment and two wrenches for fastening 3-and 4-blade broadhead arrows. A third setting on the rotatable ceramic rod makes quick work of fish hooks, and a small, narrower ceramic rod takes care ofsharpening serrated blades.Features: The Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener 2.2.1. is the complete knife sharpener for field, home or shop use Sharpens standard knives, serrated knives, scissors, broadhead arrows, fish hooks, garden tools, axes, machetes and more Five abrasive steps provide the complete sharpening solution: two diamond plates, two ceramic rods, a leather strop Rotating ceramic rod has three settings: coarse, fine and a dedicated groove specifically for sharpening fish hooks The 20° sharpening guides and 25° honing guides create consistent blade edge angles with speed, ease and repeatability Strong rare earth magnets secure the easily interchangeable diamond plates and provide coverage for the broadhead wrenches and small storage compartment Diamond plates can be removed and used alone for sharpening router bits and saw blades Compact design and lanyard hole make it easy to pack along Second ceramic rod has the perfect diameter for fitting into the serrations of serrated knives All elements are self contained and require no set-up or assembly in the field

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