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ZAR® Tung Oil Wipe-On Finish,Quart

ZAR® Tung Oil Wipe-On Finish,Quart Easily wipe on ZAR® Tung Oil Finish for a beautiful finish, free of brush marks and runs! Fortified with polyurethane, it resists ring marks caused by hot, cold or alcoholic beverages, making it well-suited for bar tops, table tops, cabinetry and furniture. And since it´s applied with a cloth, it´s also great for spindles, hard-to-reach areas, and for touching up antiques. Though not quite as durable as a full-bodied poly, ZAR Tung Oil Wipe-On Finish is easier to repair, and can provide long-wearing protection on demanding surfaces like wood floors where the more natural look of an oil finish is desired. It can also be used as a one coat wood conditioner to achieve a uniform stain appearance on bare, soft or porous wood.

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