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iGaging 12´´ Center Rule & Angle Gauge

iGaging 12´´ Center Rule & Angle Gauge Use this multifunction ruler to dial in the angle on your bevel gauge, find centers for drilling drawer knobs, set the height on your table saw or router table, or simply as a standard ruler. One face features a precision angle gaugefrom 0-50°, while the other has a 6"e x 6"e center rule along one edge, and a 12"e standard rule along the other. The 3"e end rule is useful for setting up machinery.Features:The 12"e Center Rule/Angle Gauge is made of hardened stainless steelClear 1/2 degree marks and 1/4 degree dots on the angle gauge for easy readingAll corners are square, so the rule can be used for drawing parallel and square lines, and for squaring saw bladesRange: 0-12"e / 0-50 degrees

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