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Rockler iVac Pro Tool Plus Wireless Dust Collection Controller System

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iVac Pro Tool Plus Wireless Dust Collection Controller System

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The iVac Pro system eliminates the inconvenience of having to walk across the shop to turn on your dust collection system before operating a power tool. It also eliminates the chance that you will simply forgo the dust collector to save a bit of time. Simply turn on your power tool, and the Pro Tool Plus sends a wireless signal up to 40´ to the Pro Switch (sold separately), which then powers up your dust collection system. Turn off your power tool, and the dust collector powers down. You can even set your Pro Switch to run a little longer than your tool to allow for dust clearance. Here´s how it works: The Pro Tool Plus is physically secured to the power cord of your power tool and determines whether the tool is on or off by sensing the magnetic field surrounding the cord. (It will work with both 115v and 240v tools.) Your dust collection system plugs into a Pro Switch (sold separately) that matches the dust collector´s voltage (either 115v or 240v). In Auto Mode, when the power tool is turned on, the Pro Tool Plus transmits a digital wireless signal to the Pro Switch, instructing it to turn on and supply power to the dust collector. You also can add iVac Pro 4"e Blast Gates, which also receive the digital signal from the Pro Tool Plus and open when the tool is activated. You can install a Pro Tool Plus to every tool that you want to have this capability. One Pro Switch can accommodate up to eight Pro Tool Plus transmitter units, as long as they are within the 40´ radio frequency range. Frequencies are set via switches on the Pro Tool Plus and Pro Switch; no computer is required to set up the system. Features: Automatically turns your dust collection system on or off Wirelessly connect up to eight iVac Pro Tool Plus units (each sold separately) to an iVac Pro Switch for multi-tool coverage Run two or more power tools at the same time without interference (turning off one tool won´t turn your dust collection system off if another tool is still running) Turn on delay helps avoid power surges from dust collector and power tool turning on at the same time Three-position mode switch: Auto/Off/On 40´ line-of-sight range between the iVac Pro Switch and iVac Pro Tool Plus

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