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INCRA Precision Centering Rule

INCRA Precision Centering Rule -

Find the exact center of any workpiece up to 12"e wide. Has a built-in protractor, too.

$29.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

16´´ Woodworker´s Ruler

16´´ Woodworker´s Ruler -

Here´s a versatile rule to keep on hand for layout jobs. With a center-finding rule along one edge and a standard 16"e rule along the other, it breezes effortlessly from measuring to marking to drafting. The clear acrylic material makes lining...

$12.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Bolt Size-It Gauge

Bolt Size-It Gauge -

Quickly and easily size bolts, screws, nuts and twist drills! Bolt Size-It also features ruler marked with inches and millimeters.Features:Gauge metric hex nuts and washers by holding under metric holesResists water, alcohol, oil and greaseHard plastic...


INCRA Precision Protractor

INCRA Precision Protractor -

We´ve reinvented the protractor by putting micro-fine guide holes at every 45o, 30o, 22.5o, 5o, 1o and 0.5o interval to plot any angle with ease and absolute accuracy.

$34.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard

Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard -

This magnetic featherboard delivers fast, easy setup and adjustment anywhere on a steel table - you´re not limited to miter slot locations! Patented Magswitch technology allows powerful magnetic force to be turned on and off. Simply turn knobs clockwise...

$66.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Replacement 33-3/4&quote Kreg Clamp Trak

Replacement 33-3/4"e Kreg Clamp Trak -

Replacement 33-3/4"e Kreg Clamp Trak for the long edge of the Kreg Clamp Table.

$44.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Starrett 6´´ Rule

Starrett 6´´ Rule -

We measured this rule with a precision caliper - the display read 6.000"e on the dot. Now that´s Starrett accuracy! Features 1/32"e graduations on the short end of the rule, making it perfect for setting bit and blade heights. Compact size...

$29.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

4´´ Solid Brass Caliper

4´´ Solid Brass Caliper -

Small size is great for the tool box or your pocket!FeaturesFeatures sliding dovetail way and rigid construction4"e/100mm rule with vernier scaleGraduated in 1/16"e and mm


Easy Sorter Funnel Tray

Easy Sorter Funnel Tray -

The quick way to find the right tack, screw or washer in the bottom of the jar. Dump everything out into the tray, find what you need, then easily pour it all back into the jar with the convenient funnel spout. Plus, the bright yellow color provides contrast...


Flexx-Rap® Finger Protection Wrap

Flexx-Rap® Finger Protection Wrap -

Flexible wrap helps protect fingers from burns and blisters, plus improves grip. Simply wrap tape around the joint of any finger; release tension on the last section of wrap and press firmly against the underlying wrap to keep it in place.

$20.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

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