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Oak Chair Braces

Oak Chair Braces -

Quality crafted braces add charm and extra strength to existing or new chairs. These braces are similar to the original style hip rests used on chairs for many years. Made from smoothly sanded oak and predrilled for easy installation.Sold by pair....

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Caning Needle

Caning Needle -

This 21"e steel caning needle is a "emust have"e for working with unwoven cane. Use it to thread cane through intricate design patterns with reduced strain on your fingers. Features a flattened tip with an oval eye for easy threading and guiding...

$14.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Caning Wedges

Caning Wedges -

These solid maple caning wedges are the ideal "ehelping hand"e when installing woven cane and spline. Caning wedges feature a blunt narrow end to help prevent damage to cane or spline during installation. Sold 10 per pack.Technical Details3/4"e...


Genuine Nail Strips

Genuine Nail Strips -

Recreate a classic look. Use decorate nail strips to attach your leather and fiber chair seats. Nail holes are located on every fifth head.Made of tin with an antique English finish.6 foot strips with nails.

$11.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Caning Pegs

Caning Pegs -

Use these solid maple caning pegs to hold unwoven cane in place while hand weaving. Pegs have a long taper to fit different sized holes and cane dimensions. Sold in packs of ten.Technical Details2-3/4"e long X 7/16"e wideSolid unfinished mapleExtra...


Rocking Swivel

Rocking Swivel -

Recondition your platform rocker with this long-wearing rocking swivel.Rocking swivel features a self-lubricating nylon bearing and five heavy duty springs.Easy to install.Measures 8"e x 10"e x 3"e .

$52.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Heavy Duty Swivel

Heavy Duty Swivel -

Perfect for bar stools and smaller TV sets. Swivel delivers smooth rotation and holds its position well.

$20.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Rocker Springs

Rocker Springs -

New life for your platform rocker! These durable standard size springs ensure years of rocking pleasure. Measures 3-1/2"e x 5-1/8"e .Price per pair.

$14.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Solid brass Chain Carousel

Solid brass Chain Carousel -

Display necklaces in style with this carousel that rotates for easy access to jewelry. Technical Details:Overall height 1-9/32"e.Requires minimum wood thickness of 1/4"e.Tenon diameter is 3/8"e.1-5/8"e diameter wheel.Solid brass....

$44.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Jewelry Box Tray Support

Jewelry Box Tray Support -

Lifts and lowers the jewelry box tray when lid opens and closes. By lifting the top tray, the support provides access to the jewelry below. Technical Details:Measures 7"e long overall.Use with a 95° stop hinge.Solid Brass.Price per pair....

$79.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

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