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Heavy Duty Corner Levelers

Heavy Duty Corner Levelers -

Lift and level even large cabinets or furniture with these heavy duty corner levelers. Stability is assured! Simply mount under cabinet edge or in a kerf, then adjust with a height range of 1"e using an Allen wrench (sold separately) through a hole...

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Leveler Block

Leveler Block -

These ready to install, pre-drilled blocks make leveling cabinets and bookcases a snap. The threaded nylon tipped glide is adjustable to a height of 2"e either from the top, through a hole in the cabinet floor, or from below using an open end wrench....


Speaker Baffle Cover Sheet

Speaker Baffle Cover Sheet -

Combines acoustical fabric and a stiffener for simple installations.This material combines an acoustical for fabric for great sound quality and a stiffener (1/16"e thick plastic honeycomb type material) for simple installations. These customized panels...

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Wrap-On Twin Wheel Casters

Wrap-On Twin Wheel Casters -

Now you can put casters on items of particle board or any 5/8"e material. These 1-1/2"e diameter twin wheel casters will also add stability to the areas where they are mounted. Easy to install--simply slide metal sleeve on furniture edge, drill...


Sliding Barrel Bolt, Solid Brass

Sliding Barrel Bolt, Solid Brass -

Made of solid extruded brass for strength, with spring and bolt mechanism for smooth operation. Bolt slides back and forward in a single slot and measures 2"e X 1"e.

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Sliding Security Bolt, Solid Brass

Sliding Security Bolt, Solid Brass -

Stainless steel spring and bolt mechanism is so secure you can even mount these vertically! Made of solid extruded brass for strength; also features channels that lock bolt in open or closed position. Measures 2"e X 1"e.

$11.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Corner Casters

Corner Casters -

These quick-mount casters supply extra stability! Perform a double duty: support heavy furniture while providing superior stability with brackets that easily secure to the corners of a frame.Black phenolic thermo set plastic wheels.Weight capacity of...

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Friction Door Catch

Friction Door Catch -

Great for RV and other mobile cabinet applications! Simple to install, easy to use. Plastic strike is captured by receiving sleeve and holds the door firmly in place, even when being jostled.


Self-Leveling Glides

Self-Leveling Glides -

Get maximum versatility! Allows chairs to glide smoothly, and conforms to floor and furniture differences. The only glide on the market that automatically adjusts for angled or uneven legs! Works on indoor and outdoor wooden furniture. Allows chairs to...


Combi-Cam Ultra Lock Cylinder

Combi-Cam Ultra Lock Cylinder -

This high-security cam lock offers the convenience of combination access and the option purchase a master key for keyed override. Unlike other dual-access locks, the Combi-Cam Lock master key can be used to retrieve and reset the lock´s combination...

$34.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

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