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2´´ Z-Clips - Pack of 10 Sets

2´´ Z-Clips - Pack of 10 Sets -

Hang heavy items securely and flush to your wall with easy-to-use Z-shaped, aluminum clips! The clips provide a secure mount for wall panels, partitions, frames, cabinets, and more. Once installed, clips wedge together to lock panels in place. To disengage...

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Deluxe Sewing Center Hardware Kit

Deluxe Sewing Center Hardware Kit -

38647 - Sewing Center Hardware Kit: This kit contains necessary hardware to build the Deluxe Sewing Center (wood not included). Includes brass sewing machine hinges, twin ball catches, cherry shaker knobs, table pins, and brass piano hinges.Recommended...

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Speaker Baffle Cover Sheet

Speaker Baffle Cover Sheet -

Combines acoustical fabric and a stiffener for simple installations.This material combines an acoustical for fabric for great sound quality and a stiffener (1/16"e thick plastic honeycomb type material) for simple installations. These customized panels...

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Folding Door Hinge

Folding Door Hinge -

Get the fit you want with these durable die-cast hinges made especially for folding doors. Panels will always be flush! Ideal for bifold doors.Features: Fully adjustable from no gap to 1/8"e.Features 35mm-cup-style mounting.Drilling pattern is identical...

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Brass Turn Buttons, 8-Pack

Brass Turn Buttons, 8-Pack -

Secure pictures in frames or screens in windows the easy way with affordable Brass Plated Turn Buttons! These hard-to-find items are ideal for holding backing boards or the picture itself in place in its frame bed. And if you ever want to remove the picture...


Space Balls - Raised Panel Door Spacers

Space Balls - Raised Panel Door Spacers -

Insert these space balls in your rail and stile grooves to center raised panels in their frames, thereby ensuring flawless frame and panel assemblies. The balls are soft enough to allow expansion and contraction, but firm enough to keep the panel from...


Sawtooth Hangers

Sawtooth Hangers -

Sawtooth hanger measures 2-5/8"e and comes with nails. 3-pack.


Barrister´s Bookcase Hardware Kit

Barrister´s Bookcase Hardware Kit -

We´ve assembled the hardware needed for the Barrister´s Bookcase Plan (52208, sold separately). Each kit contains (3) Pairs of 9´´ Barrister Bookcase Door Slides as well as (6) Solid Brass 1´´Knobs.

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