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Multi Wedge Set

Multi Wedge Set -

Works better than your chisel, screwdriver or putty knife to easily pry soft or brittle materials without damage.Plastic multi wedges won´t break like wood wedges do and help protect surface finish on delicate parts.Features:With slim tip that allows...

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FlexCut® 21-Piece Starter Set

FlexCut® 21-Piece Starter Set -

Start your carving career right with this complete beginner´s set. It includes artisan-quality, razor sharp tools for palm, mallet and knife carving, plus maintenance gear and a how-to DVD. Everything - including two handles, 16 interchangeable...

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Bahco Ergo Pocket Scraper

Bahco Ergo Pocket Scraper -

The Bahco Ergo Pocket Scraper is ideal for removing paint or putty from windows, window frames, molding, and narrow corners. The triangular blade has three straight sharp edges, ensuring a long work life. A thumb grip handle makes the scraper easy and...

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FlexCut® Chip Carving Knife

FlexCut® Chip Carving Knife -

A traditional chip carving knife built with comfort and quality in mind. The high carbon blade holds an edge extremely well and can be maintained easily with simple stropping. It arrives honed, polished and ready to go. The solid ash handle is carefully...

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Mini Combo Miter Saw Set

Mini Combo Miter Saw Set -

The Mini Combo Miter Saw set is ideal for creating small picture frames, cutting delicate trim pieces and detailed crafts. It´s also designed to cut square ends, mitered corners and perfect splices. The Universal Razor Saw (25-550) features a fine...

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Ikedame Small Dovetail Saw

Ikedame Small Dovetail Saw -

With its small size and fine, 22-tpi Japanese-tooth design, this saw is perfect for cutting dovetails and other detailed applications. The 0.3mm-thick blade cuts a kerf just 1/64"e wide and to a depth of about 1-1/8"e. An attractive bamboo wrap...

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Five Piece Power Grip Carving Set

Five Piece Power Grip Carving Set -

A value priced set that is perfect for beginning carvers. Features laminated steel blades, all honed and ready for immediate use! Set includes five basic tools for flat relief and figure carving.

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Mini Needle File Set

Mini Needle File Set -

These unique, versatile and compact tool sets are designed for intricate work on carvings and other fine detailing. The sure grip anodized handle acts as a storage compartment for the files and screw driver sets. The quick adjust collet secures the tips...

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Spring Miter Clamp Set

Spring Miter Clamp Set -

Master all your clamping needs! Perfect for picture frames and furniture repairs.

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Bailey Smoothing Plane #04 by Stanley

Bailey Smoothing Plane #04 by Stanley -

The Stanley Model 12-904 Bailey® Smoothing Plane is a fine general-purpose bench plane. It has a cast-iron base with precision-ground sides and 9-3/4"e long bottom. It features a fully machined and polished double-iron cutter and lever, and the...

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