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Deluxe Keyboard Tray

Deluxe Keyboard Tray -

This high-performance steel tray combines smooth, stable movement with a variety ofpremium features— including convenient rear storage compartments!With plenty of space for a keyboard and mouse, this 25"e wide pullout keeps everything you need...

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´´The Brain´´ Data/Power Hub

´´The Brain´´ Data/Power Hub -

No more crawling under the desk with a flashlight. This data/power hub slips into a grommet hole in the desktop for easy access to your most commonly used ports. Just plug right in for data AND power. Two electrical outlets and 7 ports above the desktop:...

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1/4´´ Locking Shelf Supports

1/4´´ Locking Shelf Supports -

These 1/4"e locking shelf supports secure 3/4"e shelves.Use a 1/4"e pin hole.Packs of 16.


Size-A-File Kit

Size-A-File Kit -

This kit allows you to mount files crosswise to create space and improve access.Converting your file drawer from a standard in-line to a transverse system lets you access files easily. No more digging for the files in back and scraping your knuckles on...

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Chrome Cabinet Tray Divider, Rev-a-Shelf 596 Series

Chrome Cabinet Tray Divider, Rev-a-Shelf 596 Series -

Rev-a-Shelf presents a perfect storage solution for taller items, such as serving dishes and cookie sheets.Storing platters and cookie trays just got easier with the U-Shaped Tray Divider. Use one or more to create custom storage space in either wall...

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Low Profile Shelf Supports

Low Profile Shelf Supports -

These Low Profile Supports are totally concealed once shelf is installed. Installing is simple, just cut a 1/8"e mortise in the shelf edges.Made of brown plastic.Inserts into 5mm hole.Comes in packs of 16.


White Shelf Supports (16 per pack)

White Shelf Supports (16 per pack) -

Package of 16 Shelf Supports for use with 5/8"e White Flush- or Surface-Mounted Shelf Standards (sold separately).


Laptop Security Drawer

Laptop Security Drawer -

This security drawer not only guards against theft, it lets you use and store your laptop without wasting desk space. It fits easily beneath your desk and secures witha quality key-locking mechanism. A comfortable wrist rest and vented bottom panelallow...

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Two-Tier Cookware Organizer

Two-Tier Cookware Organizer -

Streamline your pots, pans and lids with this smooth and stable system. Independently operating rollout shelves accommodate a variety of cookware sizes and brands. The top tier holds up to 7 lids, while the bottom tier features adjustable dividers to...

$89.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Blind Shelf Supports

Blind Shelf Supports -

Add some decorative flare and wonder to a room using these concealed shelf supports. They create the illusion that a shelf is floating and the lack of visible hardware supporting the shelf grants you a wider range of visual variety and options. These...

$19.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

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