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Basic Box Making, Book

Basic Box Making, Book -

Winner of a 2008 Golden Hammer Writing Award. Learn the art of box making from one of the foremost experts of the craft. Through Doug Stowe´s decades of experience, you´ll learn the basic techniques to get started, as well as more advanced...

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Carving in the Round, Book

Carving in the Round, Book -

This inspirational and informative guide is designed to take readers on a journey to develop their understanding of form, design, artistic creativity, and technical knowledge in woodcarving. Seven innovative projects, which gradually increase in difficulty,...

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Beautiful Boxes, Book

Beautiful Boxes, Book -

Building a wooden box is one of the best ways to develop overall woodworking proficiency. Boxes are quick to build, require only a small amount of material, and can be made in the smallest of woodshops. Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique is the perfect...

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Fine Woodworking Chests and Cabinets, Book

Fine Woodworking Chests and Cabinets, Book -

Finally the best casework projects from Fine Woodworking magazine have been assembled into one comprehensive volume—Chests and Cabinets—that gives you hard-to-find, practical advice on building eighteen striking case pieces. You´ll find...

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The Complete Pyrography, Book

The Complete Pyrography, Book -

With the help of author and master pyrographer Stephen Poole, you´ll learn all the techniques for recreating lifelike textures and shading with your woodburning tools. Conjure up inspiring images of nature, still-lifes and atmospheric scenes. Tackle...

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Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects, Book

Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects, Book -

If you like the Arts & Crafts style, this book will become an essential part of your collection. Appealing to both beginner and seasoned woodworkers, Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects showcases nine iconic furniture projects that progress in difficulty...

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The Woodbook—The Complete Plates

The Woodbook—The Complete Plates -

Taschen´s The Woodbook is an impressive hardcover volume that painstakingly reproduces 350+ specimen pages from the original American Woods 14-volume set, assembled by Romeyn Beck Hough between 1888 and 1913. Each spread includes gorgeous photographs...

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Handmade Music Factory Book

Handmade Music Factory Book -

Full of fun, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and loads of character, the homemade instruments in this book will spark your imagination and inspire you to build your own. Handyman Mike Orr leads you through the process of building eight low-cost instruments,...

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Chip Carver´s Workbook

Chip Carver´s Workbook -

Carving beautiful designs in wood is easier than you think! Noted chip carver and instructor Dennis "ePop"e Moor outlines the basics of wood selection, tools and sharpening, layout, lettering and finishing, while instructing you on the techniques...

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Great Book of Woodburning, Book

Great Book of Woodburning, Book -

If you want to experience the joy of creating stunning pyrography art, all you need is an inexpensive woodburning tool and the Great Book of Woodburning. In this fully illustrated, 200-page guide, nationally recognized artist and pyrographer Lora S. Irish...

$22.95 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

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