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Nova G3 Insert Chuck

Nova G3 Insert Chuck -

The Nova G3 Chuck is a four-jaw, self-centering scroll chuck for Mini and Midi lathes with up to a 16"e swing over the bed. It´s an excellent high-powered geared chuck with TuffLock™ grip for incredibly solid, vibration free performance....

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Nova 27007 Tool Rest Collar

Nova 27007 Tool Rest Collar -

The Nova Tool Rest Collar acts as a stop collar for your Nova tool rest. It slides onto the tool rest shank, and maintains a fixed, repeatable height so you don´t lose your height adjustment when you angle the rest for different angles of approach....

$17.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Nova Live Center System With Stepped Cone

Nova Live Center System With Stepped Cone -

With over six functions in one handy unit, this unique live center system provides comprehensive tailstock support for virtually any spindle turning project. It boasts triple-bearing construction for excellent durability and incredibly smooth turning,...

$82.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Nova Pin Jaw Set

Nova Pin Jaw Set -

These special 25mm extended jaws are designed to act like a pin chuck, expanding into a pre-bored hole. This is an especially useful holding method for bowls with a free form edge. A big advantage over pin chucks is that you don´t have to bore to...

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Nova Chuck Inserts/Adapters

Nova Chuck Inserts/Adapters -

Teknatool uses an easy and inexpensive insert/adapter system on all insert-style Nova chucks. The inserts are available with a variety of thread patterns on the interior, but all have the same exterior thread to fit all your Nova chuck(s). Just check...

$20.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Nova Simple Live Center

Nova Simple Live Center -

This is the standard live center included with all Nova lathes—use as a replacement or as an upgrade for another lathe. With heavy-duty sealed bearings, precisely machined medium tensile carbon steel construction, and a solid steel point to dig...

$24.49 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Nova Powergrip Jaw Set

Nova Powergrip Jaw Set -

Powergrip Jaws are the most powerful jaws for large spigot and hollow form turning in the Nova lineup. They grip both in contraction and expansion modes, and feature a dovetail that neatly fills the gap between the 75mm (3"e) and the 130mm (5"e)...

$70.49 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

10´´ Longworth Style Chuck

10´´ Longworth Style Chuck -

Just rotate the plates of the Longworth Style Chuck and the soft silicone buttons close in almost instantly, and with perfect concentricity, to hold your project while you make the finishing cuts to the bottom side. Unlike many other rechucking methods,...

$139.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Nova Insert/Adapter, Blank, Unthreaded

Nova Insert/Adapter, Blank, Unthreaded -

If you have a unique lathe with a non-standard spindle thread, you can still install a Nova chuck on it. This blank Insert/Adapter can be threaded to match spindles up to 1-1/8"e (28mm). The outer diameter is pre-threaded - simply screw it into the...

$25.49 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Nova 75mm (3´´) Long-Nosed Jaw Set

Nova 75mm (3´´) Long-Nosed Jaw Set -

A generous 2"e extension beyond the mounting base gives these unique long-nosed jaws a deep reach for tremendous holding power, both internally and externally. The external dovetail provides a secure grip when used in expansion mode with bowls, and...

$80.49 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

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