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Goof Off Ultimate Remover

Goof Off Ultimate Remover -

It´s potent, it´s powerful, it´s a woodshop essential! Goof Off quickly removescrusted-on glue, adhesive residue, dried latex paint and more. Ideal for cleaningclamps, recycling old workpieces, getting tough stains off equipment, and...

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Liberon Ring Remover

Liberon Ring Remover -

Those pesky white rings appear everywhere! Hazy marks can occur in certain finishes within 15 minutes! What´s happening is that moisture or humidity is getting trapped within the hard finish layer. (If a black mark appears it has penetrated through...

$20.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

Polycryl® Wood Fortifier

Polycryl® Wood Fortifier -

Punky, spalted wood can yield some of the most intricate grain patterns and texture, but how do you turn or carve it without the whole thing falling apart? That´s where Polycryl comes in. A large-molecular-weight acrylic polymer, Polycryl fills...

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Pentacryl Wood Preservative for Green Wood

Pentacryl Wood Preservative for Green Wood -

Protect wood from cracking and splitting while drying. Quick drying, non-toxic. Can reduce drying time up to 90 percent over wax-coating methods. Contains siliconized polymers. Can be applied by brushing on or soaking item if a small piece. Highly recommended...

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General Finishes Dry-Time Extender, Pint

General Finishes Dry-Time Extender, Pint -

Sometimes, the fast dry-times of water-based finishes can be a bit too much. If you´re working on a larger project where lap lines might be issue, this specially formulated wetting additive will extend your open times for better flattening and fewer...

$10.99 - LEARN MORE or BUY NOW

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