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Rockler 1´´ Masking Tape Dispenser

Rockler 1´´ Masking Tape Dispenser -

Whether you use masking tape to clamp thin moldings, as a makeshift depth-stop for your drill or to shim out the angle on one of your jigs, this tape dispenser will keep it close at hand, with no need to pick at the roll to find the loose end. Using the...

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Woodworking Tape, 1&quote x 50´

Woodworking Tape, 1"e x 50´ -

Woodworking Tape is a thin double-sided tape with one permanent side and one reusable side. This allows you to use the tape over and over again with a single template to rout out multiple identical parts. Simply tear off as many pieces as you need (no...

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Gummed Veneer Tape

Gummed Veneer Tape -

Keep your veneer edges tight while inside the press with Gummed Veneer Tape! Includes a 650 foot long roll of white 34 gram cellulose tape that measures 3/4"e wide. Apply it to your joint, then as it dries, it shrinks. This shrinking action helps...


FastCap SpeedTape Double-Sided Tape

FastCap SpeedTape Double-Sided Tape -

FastCap´s SpeedTape provides a clean, efficient way of applying veneer, edging and even small moldings with no messy overspray or expensive hot-melt edging machines. Just peel off the liner on one side, apply to the edge, peel off the other liner,...

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Gorilla Tape, 1-7/8´´ x 36´ Roll

Gorilla Tape, 1-7/8´´ x 36´ Roll -

Even better than the grey stuff! Gorilla Tape is twice as thick and sticks better to a wider variety of surfaces, even porous materials like brick, stucco, and concrete. A tough, reinforced backing and rugged, all-weather shell provide long-lasting adhesion....


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