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Woodcarver´s Mallet

Woodcarver´s Mallet -

A good carving mallet must be nimble, and able to approach the chisel from a wide variety of angles as you work your way around the piece. This one accomplishes that with its round profile, which allows solid contact to be made with the chisel regardless...

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Carvers Mallets - Select Option

Carvers Mallets - Select Option -

Ma-12 Carving Mallet (#44495)The "eWood is Good"e line of quiet mallets is guaranteed unbreakable. The heads are made of a tough urethane material designed to be quiet and yet able to transmit the maximum blow to the tool. The handles are beautifully...

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4-1/2´´ Carpenter´s Mallet

4-1/2´´ Carpenter´s Mallet -

Beechwood mallet is designed for general joinery work.Features:Mallet has a rectangular, curved head — a design that dates back to when a wheelwright would make a mallet from an old wheel felloeAngled face provides maximum striking surfaceWith tapered...

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