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LK-1 Lacquer Burn-In Knife

LK-1 Lacquer Burn-In Knife -

Repair scratches and dents in one easy step with the LK-1 Lacquer Burn-In Knife – no sanding or staining necessary! Melts and smooths lacquer sticks into scratches and gouges for easy, seamless repairs. Heats up to 300° in under two minutes....

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Heavy-Duty Stripper

Heavy-Duty Stripper -

This semi-paste formula melts old finishes like butter. Stays wet to penetrate deep – up to 12 coats of paint with one application! Easily removes all types of finishes, including epoxies, urethane, marine finishes, lacquers, vinyls, enamels, varnishes,...

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Repair it with Mr. Grip Furniture Repair Kit

Repair it with Mr. Grip Furniture Repair Kit -

Repair loose rungs on chairs or restore worn screw holes, etc. Cut product to size with scissors, place over dowel end and push into place. For screws, cut to fit in hole lengthwise and then insert screw. Furniture repair kit #33118 contains 8 pieces...


Star 10 ™ Paste Stripper

Star 10 ™ Paste Stripper -

Lather on a layer of Star 10 Paste Stripper, then sit back and watch as it lifts paint and varnish in as fast as one hour! Star 10 Paste Stripper features a new ingredient that forms a tight seal and keeps the stripper wet for hours. It slows evaporation,...

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