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Homestead Dry Dyes

Homestead Dry Dyes -

Dry dyes are designed to sink deep into the wood, coloring the fibers from within. This results in a transparent look with maximum shimmer, as light is able to penetrate and reflect off the natural grain. Homestead´s Transfast® dry dyes come...

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General Finishes Water-Based Dye Stain

General Finishes Water-Based Dye Stain -

Add some life to your next project with these unique, water based, ultra penetrating stains. Designed to work like solvent-based stains, they feature deep rich tones that enhance the wood grain and produce vibrant colors — especially on woods like...

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TransTint® Dyes

TransTint® Dyes -

Concentrated dye solution makes it easy to apply beautiful color to your project. Mix with water for an economical, non-flammable stain or with alcohol/ lacquer thinner for a fast drying, non-grain raising stain. For use as a finish toner, simply add...

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Oxalic Acid for Wood Bleaching

Oxalic Acid for Wood Bleaching -

This is one of the finest available wood bleaching agents. Use it to lighten dark streaks and colorations in wood so it will stain to a uniform color. It´s also an effective rust and stain remover that works to remove many water stains, chemical...


Master Dye Toners

Master Dye Toners -

Tone your finishes and blend spot repairs seamlessly with fine-touch spray action! This line of Behlen Master Toners contains a unique combination of nitrocellulose lacquer and fade resistant dyes that will shade your finish without loss of clarity. Master...

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Darkening Solution

Darkening Solution -

If you own restoration hardware you should have a bottle of Darkening Solution. This solution effectively antiquates or darkens brass, copper or bronze.It changes the color gradually so you can control the darkness of your hardware. Easy to apply. For...


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