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Here’s Why a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink will Change How You Work

by Charlie Brown on Nov 19, 2019

Here’s why a stainless steel kitchen sink will change how you work in your kitchen

Whether you own a studio apartment or a three-storied mansion, there should be at least one working kitchen in your house. Every completely functional kitchen demands a kitchen sink that is not only heavy-duty but also quite stylish.

Besides the utility, they are an affordable, yet seamless upgrade to any kitchen or kitchenette that had ceramic or low-quality sinks earlier. Stainless steel sinks open up a wide range of interior décor and backsplash options for any kitchen area.

Whether you have a small kitchen that largely depends on multiple lighting fixtures even during the day, or a large open kitchen with an island that receives a significant level of natural light; a sleek, and rectangular steel sink can change the way your kitchen looks right now.

Why should you opt for stainless steel sinks for your kitchen?


Steel kitchen sinks are long—term investments. Anyone, who has bought a sink in the recent years and has used proper cleaners to scrub pots and pans clean, knows that these units have integrity. They are not as unpredictably fragile as the ceramic sinks. With the latter, one heavy drop or a firm knock is enough to create a long crack. We also know of ceramic sinks falling right off the installation point due to piling of dirty pots and pans. 


Most importantly, ceramic is not as sanitary as steel. Stainless steel surfaces are comfortable to scrub regularly and clean. That is the leading reason most world-class restaurant kitchens have all-steel surfaces rather than tiles or ceramics. They do not peel or chip like porcelain and enamel. Additionally, they are entirely resistant to stains.

Resistant to weathering

Whether you are soaking veggies or leaving greasy pans overnight in your sink, you can expect it to come out unscathed after the operation. The difference in the thickness of the steel will determine the level of dents and scratches it will incur after prolonged use. If you want your sink to last for generations, opt for thicker gauge steel although it might be costlier than thinner material.


Interestingly, thicker steel has a lower gauge number. Therefore, 16 gauge steel might not seem much different from a 20 gauge steel sink. The numbers are quite close by. However, the 20 gauge sink will be much thinner and much less expensive than the 16 gauge steel sink. If you are shopping for Kraus stainless steel sinks, always check out the pricing, additional features and discounts on the 16 gauge sinks first. Then, move to the 18 gauge steel sinks if the previous models are out of your budget range.


An undermount stainless steel sink or a top-mount double bowl is nothing less than sophisticated. The sophistication of a negative reveal, undermount sink will motivate every user to keep the kitchen clean after every use. It is a stylish addition to any kitchen, be it rustic or modern. You may decide to add a metallic backsplash to match your new sink or add colorful tiles to accentuate the sheen. No other material including plastic, composite, and ceramic add the level of sophistication that a stainless steel sink of any type can add to your countertop.

Will a stainless steel sink clash with the current theme of your kitchen and home?

The original and classic suave finish of stainless sink ensures that you can maintain a clean and minimalist theme inside your kitchen to match the rest of your home. If your interior décor relies heavily on an eclectic theme, then the stainless steel finish is your perfect choice for the kitchen. However, home décor magazines also feature rustic country house inspired kitchens with stainless steel that look marvelous too. Do not let the theme of your kitchen limit your imagination when you have to purchase stainless steel sinks.

Today, you can find stainless steel-like stick-on "wallpapers" for your cabinets and spot removing solutions for your OTGs, fridge, and dishwasher to give your kitchen the million-dollar makeover it deserves. You can transform your regular single-door fridge into one of the high-end metallic finish refrigerators you keep eyeing at the appliances store or the TV soap opera kitchens.

Once you get the sink, you can purchase matching "steel" backsplash tiles instead of choosing standard tile colors and patterns for the space behind the sink and the tap. Add marbled or metallic water-resistant stick-on "tiles" to upgrade your working space.

Are stainless steel sinks easier to maintain?

Choose the kitchen sink in steel to enjoy a longer duration of proper functioning between plumbing necessities. Statistically, steel sinks with suitable add-ons pose less difficulty in clean-up and maintenance than the porcelain ones older US homes have. Single bowl steel kitchen sinks are the best options just in case you are looking to renovate your home and give your kitchen a wonderfully sophisticated look.

What should you NOT do when using a stainless steel kitchen sink?

However, you must remember to not use strong solutions of bleach, muriatic acid, and other harsh acids or alkaline mixtures to clean the sink. These harsh chemicals can leave the material susceptible to rusting. All kinds of stainless steel sinks demand some tender, care and loving, which translates to softer enzyme-based cleaners. Whenever you use the sink, try to rub it dry with a dishwashing cloth or rag. It will prevent the stubborn water spots from taking over the flawless beauty of your sink.

Why is stainless steel sink simply the best for your home?

It is indeed true that now you can find copper, natural stone, faux marble, composite granite, and even cast iron sinks in the market that can probably add an exotic look to your kitchen. However, stainless steel sinks are the only variants that will not burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time withstand the assault of daily scrubbing, scratching, hard water and strong dishwashing soap without bearing a single mark for years to come!


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