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Lutron Lutron MIRELV-WH 120 Volt Single Pole Electronic Low Voltage Digital

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Lutron MIRELV-WH 120 Volt Single Pole Electronic Low Voltage Digital

120 Volt 600 Watt Single Pole Electronic Low Voltage Digital Fade Dimmer from the Maestro IR Collection At the touch of a button, dimmer can go immediately to a favorite preset light level, fade to off, or adjust manually. Remote control allows users to control lights from across the room. 120 volt single pole model for electronic low voltage lamps with 600 watt capacity. Remote NOT included. The Maestro IR dimmer and remote provides convenient infrared remote control of lighting. The dimmer is part of the Maestro family of light controls, fan controls, and timers. Maestro IR comes in a full range of colors, so dimmers complement any décor. Features: Works with most learning remotes. LEDs glow softly in the dark so you can easily find the dimmer. Delayed fade to off lets you leave the room before the lights go out. Use companion dimmers to dim from up to 10 locations. Select your favorite light level for any activity with a touch of the silver button on the remote. Tap once for favorite level; tap twice for full on. Touch rocker to adjust light level. Controls up to 1000W. Available in 27 colors. Coordinating Claro wall plates available separately. Matching switches, fan controls, and accessories available. Incandescent/halogen, magnetic low voltage, and electronic low voltage models available. Maestro IR Remote not include. Requires a neutral wire. Some fixture manufacturers do not recommend dimming their solid state transformers. Please check with the manufacturer. Use only to control one of the following scenarios: (1) the primary side of electronic transformer-supplied low voltage lighting; (2) incandescent lamps; or (3) a combination of the two. In multi-phase applications, use a separate neutral with each phase containing a dimmed circuit. Do not connect to receptacles, fluorescent fixtures, motor-operated appliances or transformer-supplied appliances. Specifications: Voltage: 120 Wattage: 600 Type: Single Pole

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