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We are dedicated to providing a quality experience for our site visitors and publishers, so we do have guidelines that are required.

Fees for Placement

We are charging a nominal admin fee for articles on With this fee, you get lifetime do-follow placement as long as the content remains unique.

You have the option to include a link to your website and article on the home page for $30 reoccurring PayPal monthly.

  • Self-submit post with at least 500x500 a thumbnail image - $30

  • Self-submit post without a thumbnail image - $35

  • We post your provided article with an image - $25

  • We post your provided article without an image - $30

Requirements for Posting

  1. Write content people would want to read, not a sales pitch! See below for suggestions.
  2. All content must be unique and at least 500 characters with a limit of 3 backlinks.
  3. Provide content in English and avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  4. All articles should pertain to the home improvement or housing industry.
  5. Information should address a large audience, and not be regional or city specify.
  6. Content is to be unique to and not intended to be posted on any other website at any time unless other arrangements are made.
  7. Payment must be met before posting articles live.

Please keep your request related to the following genres and related industries:

  • Home Improvement (including plumbing, electrical, safety, gardening, maintenance, etc.)

  • Appliance Repairs

  • Construction

  • Interior Design

  • Real Estate and related Financing

How to Submit Home Improvement Articles

  1. First, all posters should create an account. It only takes a few seconds and email confirmation.
  2. Post your articles with the self-submit form.
    1. Title should be proper case and less than 70 characters.
    2. Thumbnail image over 500 x 500 pixels format.
    3. You can use up to 3 links as long as they are not advertisements. These links are "do follow."
    4. If you choose to use interior images, these are not to exceed the width of 450 pixels and also have alt="description" tags.
    5. We prefer using header tags like <h2> and <h3> rather than bold (better for SEO).
    6. Do not use <span>, <u>, <font>, style=, class=, or color tags.

Suggested Article Topics

Most of the big stories have been told and told again.

Have you considered writing something more finite that might not already over blasted on the Internet?

  1. Best way to clean water marks off of faucet.
  2. How to included fertilizer automatically into drip irrigation?
  3. Why does my dishwasher water come out of the sink?
  4. Tips on attaching things to the exterior stucco of your home.
  5. Are replaceable heater filters better than reusable ones?
  6. How to seal my granite counter?

Think details, not overviews.

After Submission

  1. Articles are moderated to ensure these guidelines are met and that we are publishing quality content. If you have a deadline, please contact us for quicker moderation though no guarantees.
  2. If you do post an advertisement, the article will be updated to remove advertisements at the time of moderation or rejected. Repeat offenders will be banned from future posting, or pay a monthly fee for long term placement.
    1. "visit our website at..."
    2. "company name with link"
  3. And again, if you have a minor reference to a location such as "realtors in London", the word London will be removed to comply with the submission guidelines. Yes, this is repeat of above, but we have this done very often.
  4. And again, minor advertisement references such as "companies like xyz offer ..." will be corrected to comply with guidelines as well as to make Google happy.

If the article doesn't meet these guidelines, the article might be slightly modified to be compliant or a refund will be given. During moderation, there may be slight grammar and spelling corrections.

Why is my Article not Live?

  1. Didn't send PayPal payment.
  2. Didn't follow the guidelines above.
  3. Moderation hasn't been completed.


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