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Press Release

Press Release
September 1998 

Immediate Release 

411 Home Repair

Contact: Sondra Moore - Owner 411 Home Repair is now open for business!

411 Home Repair is a free online interactive source for finding reliable home repair companies. Currently focusing on the United States, but not limited to any area. This service is to include contractors, real estate agents, and lending agency links for your financing needs.

Being a recent first-time homeowner of a cosmetic fixer-upper, I found it really difficult to find reliable people to assist in purchasing and fixing my home. From this wonderful learning experience, I have created this revolutionary website for everybody, so everyone could have the necessary tools and essential information that a home-owner should be able to depend on. This is not a yellow page listing; it's a directory of quality companies that must maintain reliable service with their customers.

I see 411 Home Repair being an essential tool for all your household needs. Focusing first on your home remodeling and financing needs, and proving a real estate section if you are ready to sell your home, or are looking for that perfect fixer-upper. Ultimately, 411 Home Repair would like to be your reference source for all your home repair needs.

If you've ever tried to find a reliable contractor with integrity for your home improvement needs, you know that there are potential worries of getting a quality job done at a reasonable price. The yellow pages or phone books list hundreds of home improvement contractors, but as many homeowners have found, this is not a reliable source of established quality contractors that may have been prescreened. There are many contractors in business that have the ability to get the job done, and our company would like to provide this tool to make it as easy as possible for all people in improving their investment in their home.

411 Home Repair's commitment to our customers is to maintain a reliable database of contractors and real estate agents, and we will not advertise contractors or agents with unacceptable feedback from our customers. This is done by encouraging feedback from our customers. The feedback is to ensure the selection process of a contractor is has simple as logging into our web page or calling us. However, we will maintain to strongly recommend and encourage that you always get 3 estimates before any work is done.

The web site also includes helpful recommendations, tips, and ideas to help make your home improvements or repairs easily.

For more information about our services, company or you are just looking for a listing, please contact 411 Home Repair.

Sondra Moore - Owner 

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