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How to Clean a Home Coffee Machine

by Greg N on Jun 15, 2016

The importance of cleaning any appliance cannot be emphasized enough and this is clear even for coffee machines. With the right cleaning method and proper maintenance, your home coffee machine will continue to yield great tasting coffee. Knowing how much a standard coffee machine costs, you’ll also be glad to see that the investment you made in your machine lasts as long as possible, with lesser need to replace the parts. More importantly, you’ll avoid contaminating the machine and the coffee you’re drinking with bacteria left by spoiled coffee grounds. 

We’ll let you in on the simplest way to clean your coffee machine after every use, plus the more intensive cleaning needed every few weeks.

Daily cleaning

First of all, before undertaking any cleaning process, consult the manufacturer’s manual for any special cleaning directions for your specific coffee machine.

Be sure to wash any parts touched by the coffee with water and a mild detergent.  It would also help if you wash them before use and not just after.  Don’t forget to wipe them dry.

Deep cleaning

The entire coffee machine, both interior and exterior, will benefit from a good cleaning.

You will need a few tools for a more thorough cleaning regimen.  These are clean towels and rags, a cleaning sponge, coffee machine cleaning detergent, a backflush portafilter basket, and a bowl for immersing the portafilter basket.

To start cleaning the interior of the machine, first, scrub any scum off the shower screen with a clean towel or rag.

Attach the backflush portafilter basket onto your portafilter.  Measure out the recommended amount for your coffee machine cleaning detergent and pour this into the basket.

Start the pump to begin flushing the machine.  The exact number of times you pump the machine will depend on your cleaning detergent’s instructions.

Once the flushing process is done, take out the portafilter and drip tray.  You will likely find the dirty deposits and residue in the tray.  

You will need to repeat this flushing process with the detergent until the portafilter and drip tray are thoroughly cleaned.  After this, fill the portafilter with clear water and run the pump, again several times, to rinse the detergent from the machine. 

To clean the surface of the coffee machine, methodically cover each part.  Give the shower screen a final wipe.  The steam wand will need to be wiped with a damp dishrag as well.  Give the portafilter basket a good rinse with water and then wipe with a clean rag. 

Take apart the portafilter and use the cleaning sponge to scrub the parts except for the basket as the sponge can damage its design.

Immerse the portafilter and its parts in a solution of water and your cleaning detergent.  Be sure not to include the handle, though, which is usually made of a different material. 

After immersing the parts, wash them with water, scrub again with a sponge and then use a clean rag to dry them.  Put everything back together once done. 

For the final touch, wipe the entire machine’s surface to make it spotless and shiny again. 



Greg N

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