How to Maintain Your Carpets and Get Them Cleaned on a Budget

by David M on Sep 27, 2022

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned by the right carpet cleaning experts while on a budget can be tough. In this article, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that will help you keep your carpets clean longer and get your carpets cleaned on a budget.

No matter how much you try to avoid getting your carpets dirty, they will eventually reach a point where they will need to be cleaned. To prevent you from voiding any warranty that came with your carpets, you will need to get them professionally cleaned. More often than not many homeowners who try to save money by cleaning their carpets are causing themselves many issues. 

Homeowners who do not have the proper training and experience are doing more harm than good when attempting to clean the carpets themselves. The products that are sold in stores are not the correct cleaning solutions to properly clean your carpets. Some of those products may bleach your carpet or leave soapy residues which will attract dirt faster. If the carpets are improperly cleaned with too much soap or water, this can cause cellulosic browning. Your carpets will then cost twice as much to get professionally cleaned to properly correct this.

The makers of those products are more interested in making a sale than the final result. Professional carpet cleaners use products that have undergone rigorous research and laboratory testing to make sure they leave your carpet with no residues and remove the most contaminants. They also use very hot water between 212-240 degrees and have powerful truckmounts with unmatched suction. The small home carpet cleaning machines cannot produce suction to remove more water or heat hot enough to kill bacteria.

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned regularly is recommended by the top textile manufacturers. They also recommend getting them cleaned using hot water extraction. This method of cleaning is also known as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction provides the most benefits in removing contaminants and killing bacteria in your carpet. Did you know that carpets can act as the biggest air filters in your home?

When you walk on dirty carpet dander, soil, and other contaminants become airborne, and particles fly through the air causing you to rebreathe them. This in turn can cause headaches, runny nose, itchiness, and sinus issues. Indoor pollution is real and is something that can be easily verified by simply searching on your favorite search engine. As we walk in and out of our homes, we are tracking various things and substances onto our carpets. Some of these things can be poisonous chemicals, dirt, soil, bugs, and other nasty contaminants.

So how do we mitigate or lessen the chance of bad things getting into the carpet or nasty bacteria lurking in our carpets? An easy way to do this is by having a matt outside of our main entrance and a matt inside. They both should have a bristle-like texture to properly wipe the bottom of the shoe. Shoes should be removed after entering the home and placed on a shoe rack. This is one of the best ways for preventing or tracking things onto the carpet.

The next step is to purchase a vacuum with a HEPA filter that has powerful brushes and suction. One of our favorite vacuums we use and love is a Shark. Most are very good but you want to make sure you get an upright that is plugin. The last step to keeping your carpets clean is to vacuum regularly. Depending on if you have a lot of foot traffic and pets, you may need to vacuum several times per week.

Those robot vacuums are good to help you maintain your carpet but don't have powerful suction to loosen soils and remove hair from your carpet. When most people vacuum they go as fast as they can to get it over with and unfortanelty don't remove most of the loose soils. You should go very slowly in one direction and do it again in another direction. That way you can be sure you gave it a proper deep vacuum. The steps above will help you keep your carpets cleaner longer.

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned on a budget

When trying to find the best carpet cleaning company there are some tips to help you find one that will give you the best bang for your buck. The first tip is to not fall for those coupons you get in the mail for $9.99 a room. This is most likely a bait and switch company that will dramatically find ways to up that job ticket. This will cost you more in the long run than finding a reasonable company. A company providing a service needs to operate at a profit. Gas prices and cleaning solution cost today has gone up dramatically. Unfortunately, some companies offer false prices to get their foot in the door. If you follow some of the tips in this article you can spare yourself a headache. Some companies do offer decent savings and it's important to look out for these.

I'm sure you have seen the companies that offer eighty-nine or ninety-nine dollar specials. To take advantage of a good offer you must pay attention to the small fine print. Some of these specials are limited to certain square footage constraints. If your rooms fall at about the cut-off or less you can take advantage of the savings. Usually, companies that offer these deals are hoping you will want extra rooms or an additional service. This can be good for both parties because some are willing to give you a better price since they are already there. It doesn't hurt to ask. Most of these offers don't include vacuuming or pet stain treatment.

Anything that will add extra time or extra steps will cost more. It's best to pre-vacuum before a cleaning appointment to maximize the cleaning potential or prevent yourself from getting extra charges. Some companies will charge extra if they have to vacuum. Always read the fine print and the online reviews before selecting one of those companies. I would suggest giving them a call if you are unsure or have any questions.

It is recommended you call around your local area to see what the average is. Some companies who don't have many appointments scheduled may be willing to give you a better deal. I would rather pay a few extra dollars to a competitor who has better ratings, a better product, and good word of mouth than the cheapest company that has ok results. Cheaper doesn't always mean better and sometimes you get what you pay for so be careful whom you decide to do business with.

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