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Why Have ADUs Gotten So Popular?

by Joe Goldstein on Sep 22, 2021

There is a good reason why ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) have become so popular over the last few years. Building an ADU is a great way to get more value and use out of your property by making extra room for family, offering a backyard studio for your work, or creating a new revenue stream.

Here are just a few of the reasons they’ve become so popular.

They Can Increase the Value of Your Property

Even though an ADU is a substantial investment, it’s going to give your property adds value. If you choose to sell your property, your potential buyers are going to see the ADU as a big asset. It’s possible they are going to want to use it for their home office, a house for guests, or another dwelling unit.

They Offer Affordable Housing

It can be very hard to find affordable housing for first-time homebuyers or for people who are just starting out on their own. Since they’re smaller and they share the property with a second residence, an ADU is a housing option that is a lot more affordable.

Helps to Conserve Land

ADUs put on your property will put another residence on that can be sold without any additional land needed. Not only that, but because ADUs are smaller in size, they are much more sustainable as a housing option when compared with the bigger single-family homes.

Detached ADUs Provide Independence

An attached ADU will give more independence for those living in it than an attached ADU. Service providers or renters can feel as if they’ve got their own home, and they have privacy from other residents. For family members who are elderly, this can allow them to live on their own rather than going into assisted living, a retirement community, or a nursing home.

ADUs – Potential Uses

To Give Family Members Support

To meet the unique family arrangements of today, you will need to use unique housing options. An ADU will make a great space for in-laws and give families somewhere they can care for elderly parents. An ADU is also a great way that you can give your adult children somewhere to live and respect their privacy at the same time.

House Caregivers Who Live On-site

If you have a live-in nanny or nurse that you rely on, having an ADU is going to give them that independence and privacy they need but also provide you with the convenience of on-site care that you want.

Additional Income from Rent

An ADU will make a great fit for long and short-term rentals. If you are living in a very popular community, why not Airbnb the ADU and receive some extra rental income. The other thing you can do is to live in the ADU while you’re renting out the main residence to tenants.

Pro-ADU laws are on the rise

Zoning laws have become a hot-button topic over the last several years, especially in the SF Bay Area. According to Professional Construction companies, the tight land restrictions make it impossible to build multi-unit housing in many areas but are generally much more favorable towards ADU construction. As the demand for housing goes up, ADU properties have become more valuable, useful, and for many, necessary.

As you can see, an ADU can make a huge difference in your life. Whether you are living in it or you are using it for another reason, it is a choice that a lot of people have made.


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