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6 Essential Features of a Good Damp Proofing Company

by Alex on Nov 30, 2020

Dampness is a problem that must be treated properly and immediately to prevent it from causing serious damage to your property. This means that treating it yourself is not the best idea, as your lack of expertise and experience can lead to more serious and costlier damp problems.

For that reason, hiring a damp proofing company is the best and most cost-effective solution. However, with so many companies out there, how to pick the right one?

Hiring the wrong damp proofing company can cost you hundreds of pounds for a wrongly identified problem or improper work that can lead to serious property damage.

That’s why it’s important that you know what to look for when choosing a good damp proofing contractor.

Here are the essential features a reliable damp proofing company should possess.

6 Features of a Reliable Damp Proofing Company You Should Know

1.Experience and Expertise

Experience is one of the most important features of a good damp proofing company. It means that they work with damp-related problems almost every day, so they can properly identify yours.

But, without the proper expertise, they won’t be able to solve the problem once they find it. So, having the necessary knowledge and skills will ensure your damp problem is fixed properly and quickly.

An experienced damp proofer knows that the only way to fix a damp problem is to locate the root cause and remove it. Otherwise, the problem will return. Therefore, make sure you find out how long the damp proofing company has been in the business, and if they have worked on different properties with different damp problems.

2.Wide Range of Services

When choosing a damp proofing company, check out the services they offer. If they provide a variety of services, then the chances are they provide high-quality service.

Offering a variety of damp proofing services means that the company is big enough to have the facilities required for a professional job.

In this way, you’ll be sure that if they discover further damage caused by your damp problem, they’ll be able to fix it simultaneously.

3.Good Reputation

A professional and reliable company always has a good reputation. By providing top-notch service to their clients, they are automatically building a good reputation.

So, check out if they have current good reviews from happy clients and if their ratings are high.

4.No Product Affiliations

Make sure you ask damp proofing companies if they have affiliate relationships with any damp proofing product manufacturer. This is good to know as some customers sign up to ensure a specific material or brand is used on their project.

However, if you don’t have these preferences, you risk being convinced that you need a specific job done on your property when, in fact, that’s completely unnecessary.

If you don’t have the experience or expertise to identify the root cause of your damp problem, it’s best to choose an independent damp proofing contractor to avoid unnecessary affiliate marketing and paying for something you don’t really need.

Contact at least three contractors to come and identify the problem. Compare surveys to find out if they match.

5.Average Cost

Not all damp proofing companies have the same price for their services. Contact a few of them to make a price comparison and avoid being ripped off.

While you don’t want to pick the company with the highest prices, you may also want to avoid services that are unusually cheap. After all, you are looking for a high-quality damp proofing company and that means paying an adequate sum of money.

Still, it’s best to contact a few companies and find out their prices before you can choose the right one.


Last but not least, find out how long their guarantee is offered and whether it’s backed up by an insurance scheme. Avoid damp proofing companies that offer unusually long guarantees, especially if they haven’t been in the market very long.


Damp is a serious problem that requires professional help. But, choosing the right damp proofing company can be a bit challenging with the hundreds of companies out there.

For that reason, make sure you have these factors in mind when picking the right contractor for you.




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