Can You Negotiate with Roofing Contractors?

by Sam Mason on Jan 29, 2021

If a roofing contractor has quoted a price for roof repairs or new roof installation that is out of your budget, you might wonder if you can negotiate with him or her for a lower price. Obviously, there is no “one size fits all” answer to this question; no two contractors are alike, so what might work with one company might not work with another.

However, there are some things you can discuss with a roofing contractor that can help you afford repairs or a new roof installation. Before you go another year without the roofing work you need to have done, note a few tips on how to save as much as possible and for working with your roofing contractor when it comes to pricing.

Can You Negotiate With Roofing Contractors?

Never assume that your roof repair cost quote is set, meaning there is no room for negotiation with a roofing contractor. One vital suggestion is to discuss your budget with a contractor and tell him or her your concerns over their quote for roof repair or a new roof installation.

A roofing contractor might be able to offer some suggestions for staying within your roofing budget; for example, you might select a roofing material with a shorter warranty and lower cost, or one that isn’t quite the color you prefer.

Local building codes also dictate how many roofing layers you’re allowed on your home; if it’s possible to avoid a tear-off, this can also mean a lower cost overall. If your roofing contractor hasn’t checked on local codes or considered adding new roofing over an existing roof, ask if that’s a possibility.

How to Get a Roofing Contractor to Lower Their Price

One suggestion for getting a roofing contractor to lower their price is to ask if they have an off-season, or a time of year when roof repairs and replacement are not in high demand. As most homeowners feel the urge to “spring clean” and tackle repair and home improvement projects in spring and summer, roofing contractors might raise their price during this time.

Once autumn arrives and the weather turns cold, people stop spending so much time outdoors, and don’t notice their home’s roof. Many homeowners also start budgeting for holiday spending during this time. In turn, demand for roof repairs and reroofing might do down during autumn, so that roofing contractors lower their prices. Ask your contractor if you might schedule your needed roof repairs or new roof installation during such an off-season and if that can lower your costs.

Ask If You Can Spread Out Repairs or Reroofing

If your property requires extensive roof repair or a full-scale new roof installation, ask your contractor if you can spread out that work overtime. For example, he or she might reroof one-quarter of your home this year, another quarter next year, and so on. This schedule would allow you to spread out your roofing costs over four years, rather than facing those costs all at once.

While some roof repairs cannot wait that long, a roofing contractor might note if those repairs can be spread out over a few months. As with a new roof installation, that also allows you to spread out those costs over a few months time rather than paying your full cost upfront.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Negotiate With Roofing Contractors

When trying to negotiate with roofing contractors, first avoid the mistake of sacrificing quality roofing materials for your budget! While you might shop around and compare affordable roofing materials, choosing a low-quality option will mean needed repairs within just a few short years.

A homeowner might also avoid trying to manage any part of the repair or reroofing project on their own, such as tearing off existing shingles, just to save money. Being on a roof is dangerous for anyone, even experienced roofers, and one fall can result in serious injury or even death. Improper tools and techniques even for something as simple as a roof tear-off can also result in damaged roof decking, torn flashing, and cracked vent collars, which can then increase your roof repair and installation costs.

One last mistake to avoid is putting off needed roof repairs and new roof installation! The longer you put off needed repairs, the more damage your home’s roof is likely to suffer a leaking roof can also mean secondary damage, such as mold growth and wood rot, which is also costly to address. Rather than ignoring needed fixes, talk to your roofing contractors about your budgetary concerns and discuss with him or her how to afford those repairs or that beautiful new roof your home needs.

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