Residential andCommercial HVAC Service: What’s the Difference

by Mike on Aug 3, 2022

HVAC denotes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC systems assist in regulating the environmental temperatures and humidity while enhancing air filtration. The system needs to be planned for and installed in the right place. The system aims to offer thermal comfort and acceptable air quality. HVAC is based on fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer principles. It is crucial for residential and commercial purposes. Before you install an HVAC system, you may want to understand the differences between residential and commercial HVAC systems. Should you need professional help, you can always hire HVAC service providers, depending on the unit.


A significant difference between residential and commercial HVAC systems is the size. Residential HVAC is more minor, unlike commercial systems, which are more extensive and are designed to operate in larger areas. Commercial HVAC works in department stores, warehouses, and medium-sized organizations. However, residential units can be used in partitioned rooms to control the environmental conditions for each room. Small rooms use residential HVAC systems designed to fit in small spaces. Depending on the room size, you may choose the HVAC system you want to use in your area.


Another difference is the placement method of the HVAC systems. Commercial HVAC system placement is different compared to residential placement. The residential HVAC systems are placed alongside a building or in the backyard. The HVAC system must be set in an area with good airflow; hence, if you put it outside, it will have access to a limitless air supply. However, the commercial units are placed within the building on the roof. Placing the HVAC system on the building helps save space and keeps the room noise-free. The system should be set at the center of the building for indoor units to lower ducting.


These HVAC systems are different drainage systems. After water collects in the coil, it must be removed, so it does not trickle into the building. A drainage system setup is critical to help grasp the water so that water goes into the drain pipe and away from the building. Residential HVAC systems have tiny drainage systems, and each unit comes with its drainage system. Commercial HVAC systems require a more extensive drainage system as they cool larger areas; hence, more moisture will be circulating through the system. The drainage system must be installed with the HVAC unit.


Another difference between commercial and residential HVAC systems is the maintenance costs. Commercial units are more expensive to maintain compared to residential systems due to the size of the unit, mechanism, and complexity of elements in the unit. Highly skilled experts are required to repair the commercial system, ensure perfect installation and make it energy efficient. Residential units do not need specialized personnel to repair and maintain the system.


Commercial and residential HVAC systems differ in their design and structure. Commercial units are adjustable depending on the number of people in a building, building type, and building use. The commercial units are also affected by the activities conducted in a room; hence the features have a complicated mechanism. They require more power to operate. Residential HVAC systems are less complex and easy to install. They use less energy to lessen exhaust compared to commercial units. However, depending on what unit you decide to install, you may need to consider the complexity of the unit before installing them. Commercial units rely on where they will be installed; hence their manufacture and installation are modular. Both systems are designed to attain similar goals while ensuring healthy space and comfortability in a building.

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