Make Your Home Space Completely Functional

by Seizar Kaelan on Mar 29, 2016

Before redesigning your kitchen, there are some things you need to consider based on your lifestyle. If the entire family spends time in the kitchen daily, that might change the flow and features of your kitchen compared to one that is used for entertaining guests. 

You should sit down and consider the tasks and the flow of your kitchen based on how you'll use it in the future. There are some questions you should ask yourself before you start designing your kitchen with a kitchen redesign company. The company you choose will want to know the purpose of the space to make it completely functional for your purposes.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How many people will be in the kitchen daily?
  • Who typically prepares all the meals? 
  • Does the kitchen preparation area need access for more than one person?
  • How do you shop for groceries? For example, is it daily, weekly or monthly?
  • Do you typically entertain in the kitchen?


If after answering these questions, you know that you'll need a family-friendly kitchen, you will need to think about certain features that will make your life easier. 

Cleaning Surfaces

While stainless steel might be beautiful in your new kitchen, sticky fingers from a couple of kids should be considered. You don't want to spend most of your time wiping fingerprints from the front of the refrigerator. Man-made products like Quartz on the countertops are durable and easy to clean compared to natural stone, which is porous. Some materials such as laminate are also available for people who have a limited budget, and they can imitate the color and look of granite. 

Storage and Accessible Pantry

Along with plenty of cabinet storage, a family might need a pantry for storing meals at least a week into the future. A large family can buy and save in bulk, but they'll need a place to store all the bargains. This is something to consider before building your kitchen design plan. You might want to have a zone designated especially for the kids to grab snacks after school while you're preparing dinner. 

For Entertaining

For those who like to entertain, you need to consider the items and conveniences that will make it easier for you as a host or hostess. 

Warming Drawers and Double Ovens

If you're having dinner guests over, the timing of your meals is essential to well-cooked cuisine. You don't want to spend time waiting for one part of the meal to cook in the oven before you can bake dessert. A double oven can make meal preparation much simpler. A warming drawer is essential to maintaining the quality of your food too.

An Island for Guests

This is essential for mingling with your guests. You might decide to design one with bar stools and a raised countertop. The island could make great storage for a wine cooler too. It's all about making life easier for the host as well as a great time for the guests who want to interact with you.

Whether you want a family-friendly space or one that makes sense for entertaining, you will want to fully examine the kind of space you want before construction begins.

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