Best Pool Renovation Ideas

by Bonnie Phillips on Feb 9, 2021

Your pool area is a fun space for your family and friends. It could as well be a cozy place where you can relax. But if this looks drab right now and you want to transform it into a contemporary or a unique pool area, then these pool renovation ideas can help you in the process.

Consider pool resurfacing

In finding the best look, you can try the process called concrete resourcing for your pool deck. You need not tear everything down because this process only requires you to put a thin concrete overlay that has a special mix of bonding agents. This a great option if your existing concrete roof deck is in good shape or does not have cracks or chips.

You can choose from a wide variety of design options with this pool renovation idea, from many patterns and colors to textures. Choose the design that is ideal for the climate in your area. For instance, a light color pool resurfacing is perfect for hot areas because this can only absorb less heat.

Enhance the landscape design

Your pool area would be a more relaxing space with grass, plants, and trees. The surrounding area of the pathways can be filled with green grass. Choose plants that do not attract bees. Also, choose the plants that are not messy so that you will not have a problem maintaining them. Small trees are also ideal. This will prevent you from incurring too much damage in case windy weather conditions normally hit your region. You might also want to avoid poky agave or any plant with thorns. The right landscaping design will surely enhance the overall look of your home’s pool area.

Include safety measures in your design

Pools are supposed to a fun place, but it is also prone to accidents. Thus, you must also prioritize safety in your pool renovation concept. Pool fences are not only a safety tool but also a good addition to your design. Some states require this kind of barrier to make sure that access is limited for kids. You should also make sure that you have a slip-resistant surface. Keep floatation devices for children. These tips will certainly promote safety and prevent accidents that often involve little children.

Change your furniture

Match the design of your pool deck with comfy and elegant furniture. This is ideal especially when you have allotted a large gathering space in your pool area. Material options include wood, plastic, and aluminum are good ones. You might want to avoid cast iron or wrought iron because it could get rusty with water exposure. Of course, there should be seat cushions. Choose those that are UV resistant because these will last longer.

The maintenance needs of your furniture will depend on the material you use. To make sure that these pieces last longer, a shade could help. This could be a patio or a huge umbrella. In its absence, you can invest in furniture covers. The pool renovation process will be complete with new furniture.

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